Cleaning, disposal, disinfection, pumping and de-bunkering

MSR specializes in the following marine services

  • Cleaning and disposal of dry cargo holds to every requested standard
  • Cleaning and disposal of cargo tanks, regardless of which type of previous cargo
  • Cleaning and disposal of sewage, sump, freshwater, ballast, fuel tanks
  • Cleaning and disposal of the engine room, galley, bilges, pipe and air duct, chain lockers
  • Cleaning of scrubbers including the disposal of scrubber sludge
  • De-bunkering, cleaning, and disposal of off-spec fuel
  • Disinfection against Covid, fumigation, and de-odorizing of accommodations
  • Pumping of various cargoes
  • Cleaning of mega yachts

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Cleaning with our biodegradable detergents

These detergents have been developed together over the years in close cooperation with our suppliers, the use of these biodegradable detergents are besides better for the environment also saves cost as the disposals will be less pollutant as by using traditional aggressive detergent.

Becoming more efficient means investing in staff and equipment and keeping them all up to date according to the latest rules and regulations, all our equipment is made and designed in such a way that they are transportable and can be hoisted on deck or held in case this is needed, with other words fit for purpose.

MSR with her own terminal located at the Prins Johan Frisohaven in the Port of Rotterdam can accommodate both sea-going as well inland barges, where we can perform both at the terminal as well on location elsewhere in Northwest Europe in combination with our large fleet of vacuum trucks, mobile HP washing units we can provide a wide range of marine services.


Our specialized team is ready for you!