Service Terminal Eemhaven (STE)

Our Service Terminal Eemhaven (STE) located at the Friso haven, harbour number 2696 is perfectly situated in the middle of the Port of Rotterdam, where we can accommodate both seagoing as well as inland barges up to 210 meters.

The terminal is fully equipped with a shore crane, warehouse, rental offices, forklift trucks, completely fenced and ISPS certified, and 24/7 accessible. Here we can perform our duties ourselves or rent it out as a lay-by berth.


Harbour Rental & Services (HRS)

Our daughter company Harbour Rental & Services (HRS) can provide vacuum trucks of various sizes and mobile HP washing units and more, including driver/operator against competitive costs.



MSR - Biodegradable Cleaning Detergents

Besides working with our own biodegradable detergents, we are also selling them from stock in 10-liter jerry cans as well in IBC containers for the following purpose:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Internal cleaning of all kinds of hoses
  • Deck cleaning
  • Engine rooms, bilges
  • Anti-bacteria

The standard for when it comes to cleaning and disposal.